What is 5% of your annual energy spend?

What is 5% of your business’s annual energy spend? Is that a number you would want to ‘lose’ each year?

At Thermatic Energy we keep our promises, it’s important. If you don’t trust someone to keep their word, the relationship is in trouble.

So, when we say we will reduce your energy costs we back it up by providing tools that keep us to our word.

Meet our Bill Management and Validation System

Nobody likes overcharges. You only want to pay for what you’ve agreed to.

You expect the bill to be accurate.

Ok, you might say I get it, but don’t all energy businesses offer something similar?

Well yes and no.

They may offer some elements (and they talk a good game). Flawed systems deliver flawed outcomes.

It’s an industry held view that up to 5% of your current bill is being overcharged. That’s a huge amount per year!

Some of these overcharges aren’t easy to find. Even if you could find them, the manual time involved is a drain on resources and ends up costing you more money.

Here’s the great news!

You don’t have to tolerate this situation anymore!

Thermatic Energy can offer relief from this nightmare, let us do the heavy lifting for you. We will make the complex simple with our Bill Management and Validation System.

Our billing validation is 100% accurate (you can’t beat that). We remove human error.


  • Our service is cloud-based, your team can now log-in from anywhere.
  • Gathering information for budgets and reporting couldn’t be easier.
  • You don’t have to accept the overcharging any longer.
  • You can start enjoying 100% accurate information now.

At Thermatic we keep our promises.

If you’d like to reduce your energy spend get in touch at info@thermaticenergy.co.uk. For some simple ways to reduce your energy bills, check out our blog on 13 tips to reduce your energy bills.