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D&D London: Putting net zero on the menu

Net Zero strategy

Thermatic Energy Services are delighted to be supporting D&D London to deliver a Net Zero strategy, helping their chain of restaurants and bars to become carbon-free.

D&D London is a collection of 43 diverse restaurants, bars and one hotel based principally in London, but also with locations in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Paris, and New York.

We’re particularly excited to be working with D&D as they’re passionate about doing the right thing, having a strong ethos of serving locally sourced and sustainable meat and fish, as well as offering both vegan and vegetarian menus too. D&D London has also been recognised as a leading business in caring for the environment and in 2015 was the SRA’s Sustainable Large Restaurant Group of the Year.

Recently their new restaurant Haugen in Stratford has been shortlisted for a Structural Timber Award. The structure of the Pavilion is made almost entirely from timber and has been awarded an outstanding certification from BREEAM achieving an ‘Outstanding’ BREEAM score of 92%. This is the second building at IQL to reach this exceptional standard – it’s a fine example of construction with sustainability in mind.

Jen Johnson, Managing Director of Thermatic Energy Services states “we’re so proud to be supporting D&D London with their net zero strategies, this includes a review of their net zero-gap analysis and helping them set the right targets for their business. We’re really looking forward to getting stuck into this project, helping D&D London to reach their net zero targets.”

As the world grasps the urgency of the climate crisis, increasing numbers of businesses are seeking guidance on what net zero means for them and how to get there.

As experts in carbon reduction, we recommend that actions are created from true data analysis, ensuring that time is spent rectifying the areas of most benefit. We do this by setting performance targets for each building or meter, comparing performance against heating and cooling demand, to identify areas of waste.

Without a clear understanding of which parts of your businesses have the greatest climate impact, it is difficult to know where to focus attention or whether the action taken has been effective.

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We are currently working with several restaurant chains with their net zero strategy, helping them reduce their energy use and CO2 emissions. Get in touch with our sustainability team today to start your green journey!


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