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We are passionate about making a difference, whether this is via our academy supporting local education facilities or working with our customers to share knowledge and upskill their teams. Through collaboration with our clients, we can continue to add value year on year, supporting them in achieving their business goals.

Customer Problem 

Within the Pets at Home portfolio, there were repeated activities regarding blocked filters on the low-level wall mounted units across hundreds of stores.

With their client’s health and wellbeing being at the heart of their business (both human and furry), it was key that the issue was resolved quickly however to continually rectify this reactively or through proactive maintenance, there was both an increased cost and increased carbon footprint due to the engineering requirement.

The Solution

Working with the core Pets at Home team we developed and rolled out a national training and engagement strategy around filter cleaning. The aim was to enable inhouse colleagues to safely and efficiently clean filters on regular basis, reducing costs, carbon and discomfort, while upskilling and empowering the local stores.

To ensure long term engagement, we developed a freely accessible tutorial video and our account management team are always on hand to provide support and provide refresher training for safety.

Pets At Home
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