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Visibility of where you can make energy savings can be even harder. In addition to energy reduction, we are always focused on your customer’s experience and how this can be improved. We ensure that facilities are always available when they should be, reactive issues are managed quickly and cost-effectively and your customer spaces are compliant and comfortable.

Energy management for the Hospitality Sector

Dealing with the paperwork

Getting to grips with your energy management strategy can mean there is a lot of paperwork and data to manage. At Thermatic, our platforms provide a range of bespoke dashboard and reporting options, which can be shared locally with the store, regionally or with the central management team. This helps to create engagement and action plans for your teams, rather than extra administration tasks and headaches.

Guaranteed cost savings without the risk

Understanding your vision on customer experience is key when understanding how and where to tackle energy management. This combination of your portfolio’s building information, existing control systems and your energy consumption data, allows us to put together a comprehensive plan.

Our energy roll-out plans are based on facts and figures, meaning that the return on investment figures we display are the real deal, whether you want to use your own funding, or have us manage the finances.

We provide in-house delivery solutions that work alongside you and your teams, building in training, employee engagement and building a strategy that you can either work with us on into the future or bring in-house and manage yourselves.

Low Cost, High Gain

Looking into how heating systems are currently controlled could be a low cost but high gain exercise. Temperature sensors can be overlooked during refits, meaning the sensors driving your temperature controls are often located in the wrong places.

There are lots of options to consider that would enhance your guest experience and help with the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. For communal spaces, pubs, bars, restaurants we can look at optimum temperature management, by making sure guests are comfortable when they arrive into an area.

What areas do we focus on?

You want to make sure your guests don’t feel restricted, while also being conscious of reducing wasted hot and cold water. We have a range of different water savings solutions that we can build into your energy management strategy, such as tap controls, reduced water volume taps and showerheads and toilet flush controls.

Doing the right thing for the environment and improving your corporate social responsibility plays a key part in meeting your customer’s expectations

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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