How to keep your buildings cool during a heatwave

Heatwaves – how to keep your buildings cool?

In the UK, our weather is highly unpredictable. Often after seemingly endless weeks or months of dreary wet weather, we’ll suddenly have a glorious heatwave.

As happy as we are to see the blazing sunshine and be out and about in it, us Brits aren’t well prepared for hot weather (despite heatwaves becoming more of a common occurrence).

The UK is set to have another potential heat wave this month with temperatures reaching over 27 degrees.

So, we’ve been busy thinking of some tips to help your buildings to stay cool and have created a mini video series: from free cooling/night purging, AC systems and employee engagement, to why you should get your BEMS and AC working together. What’s more some of these tips will help to reduce your energy bills. Which sounds like a great deal to us!

Free cooling/ night purging

In our first video Dean Walsh will be looking at free cooling/ night purging to help cool down your buildings.

AC control – when it’s hot what do you tend to do?

Does this sound familiar?

It’s baking hot outside and the air con hasn’t kicked in yet, so one of your colleagues decides to crack a window open.

In our second video Dean Walsh shares his advice on AC systems, looking at what you should do when temperatures are soaring outside and delves into employee engagement.

BMS and AC system

Do you have a BMS and AC system that are sat separately and aren’t connected?

In our final video Dean Walsh shares his advice on what you should do with the impending heatwave.


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