Reducing Maintenance Costs Through IoT Technology

To ensure the performance of HVAC systems, preventative maintenance is key. However, with the cost of onsite labour increasing and budgets for these types of services being reduced, the client can end up where they are having to sacrifice quality for a cost saving.

IOT Technology is constantly evolving in the field of remote monitoring and smart analytics, enabling HVAC services to move to a predictive model – providing increased levels of monitoring and reporting and reducing the labour required onsite.

IoT technology reducing maintenance costs

Barriers to predictive maintenance

One of the barriers to businesses taking up predictive maintenance technology and service level has been the initial investment required to get their building equipment communicating relevant data so that it can be analysed remotely.

However, with the IOT technology market now brimming with cost effective solutions which can open the doors further to support you moving to a predictive maintenance model, reducing costs for maintenance and improving visibility and reporting.

How can we use IOT technology to support a predictive maintenance schedule?

Through our IOT device network, we select the right equipment for your estate, looking at resilience, cost and communication protocols. We then incorporate this with your existing HVAC equipment, linking the devices via a secure IT network.

Thermatic’s approach

IOT technology temperature monitoringOur approach it to use all existing technology to the best of its ability, so where we can retrieve data from your existing systems, we will do this.

Once the data is retrieved from your estate, we will store this in the cloud, analysing the data through big data tools, which results in a performance dashboard that’s available to you via your desktop or mobile device for you to look at no matter where you are.

Through our detection tools, we are able to compare even the slightest changes in the gathered data, reviewing both operational performance and energy efficiency against previous period data.

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