Meet the team: Ellie, TEC Technician

TEC Technician - Ellie Cannon

Meet the team: Ellie Channon, TEC Technician

With us, everything we do is all done under one roof by our team of awesomeness, who are all experienced, efficient, and pioneering.

We’re always one step ahead of the game, taking advantage of new technologies and keeping up with the ever-changing tech and energy worlds.

This is part of a series of posts where we introduce members of the Thermatic Energy team.

To kick things off, we sat down with our lovely TEC Technician – Ellie Channon.

What is your role at Thermatic Energy?

I am one of the remote BeMS Technicians in our Thermatic Energy Centre (TEC), I assist our engineers when they’re on sites across the UK by connecting to our bureau system to identify any errors and communication issues that need resolving. I manage all communication to our clients, bringing together both the BMS and HVAC contracts.

How did you get into your career in tech?

I started working for our HVAC team, scheduling engineers but I always wanted to progress and get involved with a more client-facing role and get a better understanding of what our engineers do on-site. I got the opportunity to move into the energy team and I absolutely love it!

Any advice for those who want to do what you do?

Go for it, don’t let a lack of technical experience put you off. Having the right attitude and enthusiasm goes a long way, you can always learn new skills. I learn something new every day and there is still a lot to go at. It’s an amazing industry to work with so many opportunities to progress!

What does a typical day look like as a TEC technician?

A typical day as a TEC Technician would be looking through what jobs we have planned for the day, looking at the histories of alarms and issues and then guiding the onsite engineers to make sure they pick up all the issues while they are there, often they can’t see the BMS faults so this makes a huge difference in getting the issue sorted quicker for the customer.

I also spend a lot of time liaising with the client, sending reports over and helping with any queries they may have.

What’s the most challenging part of your role?

I’d say the most challenging part is coming across a problem on-site with our engineers that might be a little out of my depth technical wise, but with the help of my colleagues around me and the knowledge they have the problem always gets sorted and something new is learnt every day which massively helps for when that same problem comes up in the future, I have a lot more understanding and experience with it.

What are your passions/hobbies/interests?

I’m passionate about learning new things and challenging myself. I love the fact that I work in an uplifting team where I’m supported and can grow – it’s so refreshing to work for a company that fully supports you. I love spending time with my friends and family outside of work and love working out! It always makes me feel so much better especially after a busy day.

Tell us a random fact about you…

I wrote a poem when I was younger that got published in a book… I have the book for proof!

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