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Case Studies

My Dentist

The first 6 months of our partnership were aimed at getting systems and processes in place to manage and support mydentist in the short term. Following this, we have managed a number of spin-off projects focusing on different areas. Our ongoing partnership adjusts as the needs from mydentist change with their growth and development.

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With over 400 stores across the UK, it’s safe to say that Wilko’s energy consumption was significant. However, with concerns around increasing energy bills, it was key to know how and where they were using energy, so they could take the necessary steps to reduce their usage.

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Grainger is the UK’s largest listed residential landlord, with c.9,000 rental homes in its portfolio. Their focus is creating high quality homes built specifically for renting and professionally managing these properties directly. As part of their support for tenants, they strive to provide the most accurate energy billing data they can, ensuring their tenants as being billed based on the energy they are using, avoiding estimates.

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Case Studies

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