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At Thermatic, we can give you the visibility you need to make actionable decisions to drive energy savings and reduce costs. We tailor our approach depending on your targets and future goals.

We are always focused on your customers’ experience. This can be improved by ensuring that stores are still available when they should be, reactive issues are managed quickly and cost-effectively. Your employee and customer space are always compliant and comfortable.

Our platforms provide a range of bespoke dashboard and reporting options, which can be shared locally with the store, regionally, or with the central management team – creating engagement and action plans with your teams, rather than administration tasks and headaches.

Where to start?

Using a combination of building information, existing control systems, and energy consumption data, we can create a comprehensive plan to drive energy savings and cost savings.

We provide in-house delivery solutions that work alongside you and your teams, building in training, employee engagement and building a strategy that you can either work with us on into the future or bring in-house and manage yourselves.

“A 20% cut in energy costs can represent the same bottom-line benefit as a 5% increase in sales”

Carbon Trust 2020
What areas do we focus on?

Big bright lights support advertising and product sales and account for one of the biggest energy expenses for most retailers. How do we keep this impact but stay efficient?
Using natural light as much as we can through the smart use of light level sensors can reduce the requirement for electrical lighting and still provide the same customer experience. Ill maintained and high-frequency fittings can cause additional consumption, reducing lighting levels up to 30% and creating unwanted heat.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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