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Why might you consider an Energy Performance Contract

Once an energy-saving opportunity has been identified, there are three main reasons a client may not progress with delivering the project.

They may not have access to the upfront capital funding required to start the project, or the return on investment term might not be favourable for them. This can often leave clients feeling frustrated as they want to continue their work, but they are hit with these barriers. Our EPC model is very much tailored to removing these barriers and providing a transparent plan around delivering your requirements.

The model must work around you; the starting place for this type of contract needs to be focused on us understanding your business and your goals.

We provide the funding to enhance and improve your estate, focusing on single or multiple projects and solutions to deliver energy savings and improve your systems. The savings generated through utility bills means the payback of this project can be agreed over time (the ROI – Return on investment). The risk is on us to ensure the performance of the contract.


Energy & Cost reduction – ongoing long after the contract has come to an end.

Guaranteed, so no risk to you

Improving your environmental conditions for your people and customers.

Commitment to long term savings also supports your energy and carbon reduction compliance.

Benefiting your social responsibility strategy.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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