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What problems do we solve?

How do you make sure you’re supporting your tenants to the best of your ability? You will have to consider many factors, such as ensuring your properties are fully compliant and support your tenant’s needs.

Keeping tabs on each home can be difficult. Still, with the help of our sister company, Thermatic Homes, we can support you with EPCs, efficient heating installs, Solar PV installations and several other efficiency measures. Once in place, we can monitor this technology’s performance and provide centralised reporting to guarantee RHI.

Not only can we monitor energy efficiency, but we can also provide health and wellbeing monitoring, protecting tenants from reduced air quality and progressive damp.

Funding and paperwork

Making funding available and creating an energy management strategy can mean there is a lot of paperwork and data to manage. Leading to disengaged teams, time administering information rather than making action plans around it. At Thermatic Energy Services, we take the stress out of administration by using central automated processes that manage performances and RHI’s, which is cost-effective, time-efficient and fully auditable.

Our platforms provide a range of bespoke dashboard and reporting options, which can be shared locally with your tenants or with the management team – creating engagement and focus.

Targeting and Delivering

With the combination of your estate building information and EPC ratings, we can put together a comprehensive plan to drive energy savings and improved living quality for your tenants. Our energy rollout plans are based on facts and figures – the return on investment figures are the real deal and we can ensure our project proposals fit seamlessly into your funding request information.

We provide in-house solutions that work alongside you and your teams, building in training, employee engagement and building a strategy that you manage yourselves or use with our assistance.

What areas do we focus on?
Reducing Costs

Reducing Consumption
You can’t control your tenant’s energy consumption, but we can make sure they can make informed decisions around their energy management. By supporting them to get a good deal from energy suppliers, they can reduce their consumption better and answer questions they have around new energy-efficient technology.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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