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Our TEC (Thermatic Energy Centre) is our remote hub where we combine all your site technology and energy data into one single, accessible system. Whether your goal is to identify and resolve issues more efficiently, to reduce costs, or to reduce your carbon footprint then our TEC can help you get control of your estate.

Remote monitoring is a very general term for connecting into various systems and providing remote investigation through either your existing or a newly created network. Most systems either have remote access available or can be adapted to provide data through a remote monitoring system.

Remote access to your AC units

We can monitor the data being provided by these units, around temperature and performance and react to potential issues.

Health Checks

We can provide a scheduled health check of your systems, this can support routine maintenance and ensure that systems are running and working optimally. Our remote health check can also be used in combination with an onsite HVAC service to provide a whole system review and single report across all functions.

Global Changes

When operating hours change or you want to move over from your summer to your winter strategy, making manual adjustments to systems onsite can be costly. Looking at a remote global change strategy can make changes instantaneously and manage internally or by our support team.

Energy Monitoring

When monitoring your energy consumption we can identify if something has been left on after the closing of the business, we can contact your site manager to notify them and make a change to the site.

Issue Investigation

When a problem is identified, having the access to provide remote investigation can be extremely valuable in getting an issue resolved quickly and cost-effectively. We can work with you to engage with your onsite team for simple fixes.

Alarm Monitoring

An alarm function can notify you when there is an issue, but if this alarm is sounding out of hours, or in a location that is not regularly checked then you aren’t able to resolve it. Through remotely diverting these alarms to a central platform you are able to look after your estate more efficiently and avoid long delays in resolving issues. We can manage your alarms via our helpdesk and either notify your team or automatically create an investigation ticket for our service division

We will always strive to put the right solutions forward for your business, in line with your goals and budgets.

We will focus on existing technology initially and how this could be utilised or enhanced to provide the desired outcome for you.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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