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The Challenge

Managing critical estates can be complicated, with multiple systems, all trying to achieve an optimum environment for your server rooms. Often this can be a difficult environment to identify potential energy savings in, especially during 24/7 operation and potential risks to the critical equipment your managing.

Reacting to issues and looking for energy waste has to be done in parallel to understanding your systems and critical environments. At Thermatic, we combine our energy management and reactive support solutions together to provide a single monitoring system.

Energy management for data centres

Why choose us

From our central Thermatic Energy Centre (TEC), we can give you the visibility you need to make actionable decisions to drive energy savings and reduce costs by tracking specific metrics in real-time. Our technology is fully secure and on setup, we work with your IT teams to deploy technology so there is no risk of a security breach.

We always look to maximise existing technology and data, providing clarity of what you have and helping you make the right decisions for future resilience and control. Our platforms provide a range of bespoke dashboards and reporting options, which can be shared locally with the store, regionally, or with the central management team.

Cost savings without the risk

Our energy roll-out plans are based on facts and figures, meaning that the return on investment figures we display are the real deal, whether you want to use your own funding, or have us manage the finances.

We provide in-house delivery solutions that work alongside you and your teams, building in training, employee engagement and building a strategy that you can either work with us on into the future or bring in-house and manage yourselves.

Cooling & Ventilation

Keeping your critical services cool is the biggest challenge when it comes to delivering an energy management strategy within Data Centres. The best place to start is by getting as much fresh air into the space as we can to get you to your target temperature. If the outside temperature is below that of your building, this is always a great option, also known as free cooling.

We would normally look to utilise a Building Energy Management System (BEMS) to manage the perfect balance between the internal temperature and the volume of fresh air brought in. Running these systems during the night and purging the buildings of all that warm air can make a huge difference to energy.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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