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Educational estates can take many forms, whether you are managing a single or multi-site estate, keeping control of a large variety of different assets can be challenging, and getting visibility of where you can make energy savings can be even harder. From our central Thermatic Energy Centre (TEC), through to our hands-on multiskilled engineers, we can give you the visibility you need to make actionable decisions to drive energy savings and reduce costs.

Energy management for schools, education and universities

We cater for all

Every building has different requirements, which is why we tailor our approach depending on your targets and future goals. From maximising existing technology and data to installing new energy savings systems, we provide clarity of what you have, how this can be optimised and the benefits of any further investment with a guaranteed return on investment energy projects.

There is a strong correlation between a student’s academic performance and their environment which needs to be taken into consideration. When we approach energy management, we look at all of these factors to provide a rounded solution including teacher and student experience.

Keeping the focus

Schools, Colleges and Universities are busy environments and getting to grips with your energy management strategy can mean a larger workload. This can often lead to disengaged teams, spending more time administering energy information rather than actioning it. At Thermatic, we take the stress out of the administration through utilising central automated processes, making managing your procurement, energy bills and consumption data, cost-effective and time-efficient.

We can also be the face of the energy management strategy, integrating with your team and collaborating on projects and schemes. Our platforms provide a range of bespoke dashboard and reporting options, which can be tailored for teachers, staff and students. Information can be displayed on screens in reception and around the buildings to drive engagement and show the excellent results being achieved.

Targeting and Delivering guaranteed cost savings without the risk

We tend to start from where you are and what you have. From initial survey work, we can pull together your building and energy consumption data, along with how you use the different spaces. We can then see where there are areas for investigation, such as high consumption in holiday periods and heating in summer and cooling in winter.

What areas do we focus on?

Space heating is the largest energy consumer within education facilities. One of the main things we assess is how spaces are used and what their requirements are, for example, canteen areas, sports and examination halls could be managed to different temperatures than classrooms. This can be fundamental in delivering your energy management strategy but maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment for learning.
Each increased degree in internal temperature can account for an 8% increase in energy consumption.

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