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Virtual Energy Manager

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At Thermatic, our virtual energy manager solution work to keep our eyes on your estate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Even though our virtual energy manager solution is remote, it doesn’t mean we are hands-off. Our solutions are based on a mixture of our energy managers team and our energy management platform integrated with your building management systems.

Virtual Energy Manager

We manage, you save

You benefit from reduced operational costs by having dedicated in-house resources, allowing more time for actioning reduction initiatives, rather than reporting and analysing the granular detail.

We will agree on the right level of engagement for you around your schedule and requirements, but as standard, our team would schedule an appointment with you monthly. We aim to provide a high-level performance report, but we are always available via email or call regardless of this.

Our onboarding process is focused on understanding your business, so we can focus on providing bespoke recommendations for you in line with your business goals.

Highlights of our remote energy manager solution

Dedicated remote energy manager

A cloud-hosted energy management platform

Unlimited access to a suite of reports

Compliance reporting

Bespoke monthly performance reports

Focused recommendations around your business

We provide a wide range of virtual energy management services, all of which can be customised to meet your specific needs.

What services can this include?
Procurement and Risk Management

Procurement and Risk Management
Whether you are purchasing for a single site or a large complex property portfolio, we will make sure you find the best energy deal available.
We are truly independent and provide complete transparency at all stages of the process. With no allegiance to any suppliers, we will find you the best prices available in the market and let you choose your preferred supplier.
Our account managers and market analysts will explore all options on your behalf, including fixed and flexible pricing, to find the most suitable tariff for your organisation.
Our industry-leading software takes away any guesswork and ensures that you compare all major utility suppliers on any given day.

We offer both fixed price and flexible energy contracts so that you can deploy the most suitable energy procurement strategy for your business. Fixed-price energy contracts give budget certainty for the duration of your contract and remove the risk of market volatility. On the other hand, flexible energy contracts give you a high level of control over how much energy you buy and when to do so – allowing you to buy (and sell) energy when the market is most favourable.

How it Works

Whether your data is from the supplier or gathered through onsite submetering, we can populate our energy platform with your information and provide varying reporting levels depending on your requirements. We often find that central business clients require a more detailed but higher-level analysis, whereas, with our retail clients, the store managers are more suited to a high-level non-technical review.

Bill validation and query resolution – Our cloud‐based platform simplifies the complex energy spend management process for small to large multisite businesses by automating manual billing processes to provide complete control over the full energy spend lifecycle.

Whether you want to decrease risk by reducing manual errors or just generally reduce the sheer amount of hours it would take a person to manage this process, our service can provide end-to-end bill management increasing cost efficiency and visibility of your estate.

If you’re interested in exploring how Thermatic Energy can help you take advantage of huge opportunities to cut down your energy bills, get in touch for more information or arrange an obligation-free meeting.

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