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Getting control of your estate

Commercial estates can take many forms, whether you are managing a single or multi-site estate, keeping control of a large variety of assets can be challenging and identifying where you can make energy savings can be even harder. From our central Thermatic Energy Centre (TEC) to our hands-on multi-skilled engineers, we can help you to make actionable decisions to drive energy savings and reduce costs.

From maximising existing technology and data to installing new energy savings systems, we provide clarity of what you have and how this can be optimised. You can also benefit from any further investment with guaranteed return on investment energy projects. Everyone has different requirements, which is why we tailor our approach depending on your targets and future goals.

Keeping the focus

Commercial spaces are busy environments and getting to grips with your energy management strategy can often lead to spending more time administering energy information rather than actioning it. We take the stress out of the administration, through automated platforms, managing your procurement and energy bills cost-effective, time-efficient and avoid human error.

At Thermatic, our platforms provide a range of bespoke dashboards and reporting options. This can be tailored for facilities teams, tenants and employees; the information can be displayed around the buildings to drive engagement and show excellent results.

Targeting and Delivering guaranteed cost savings without the risk

Where to start? From the initial survey work, we can pull together your building and energy consumption data, along with how you use the different spaces. We can then see the areas of investigation, such as out of hours consumption, weekend usage and meeting and conferencing space.

Our process means that we don’t overlook any potential you already have and we ensure to optimise your existing estate as much as possible. Once we have put this together into a comprehensive plan, we present this to you for further discussion around the next steps, funding and existing lifecycle plans.

What areas do we focus on?

At Thermatic, we assess how spaces are used and what their requirements are. Reducing costs also maintaining a comfortable and healthy environment. Each degree in internal temperature that you don’t need can account for an 8% increase in energy consumption, so we focus on controlling environments to exactly what you need. Bringing together systems, such as meeting room booking systems and the room control, keep the desired comfort levels, while reducing waste. Our initial review will provide visibility so we can plan to move forward with better efficiency and healthier environments.

Cooling and Ventilation

Cooling and VentilationWith studies around the benefits of air quality and fresh air on our health, running ventilation effectively can have great benefits across the board.

When it comes to keeping your buildings cool, we look at energy efficiency first, if there is free cooling available then this is the primary stage in our strategy, after that a simple control system will make sure cooling if operated in an efficient and balanced way. Systems can quickly become inefficient if they are not properly monitored, we keep you up to date with your maintenance regimes to increase efficiency and reduce reactive costs.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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