How does renewable energy affect a business?

Business owners are now more than ever contemplating renewable energy to save on their electricity bills and to reduce their carbon footprint.

How does renewable energy affect a business?

Aside from reducing your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint, there are so many more benefits to switching to renewable sources. As we all know the UK is fully committed to reducing its carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and business owners are encouraged to think outside the box when it comes to satisfying their energy demands.

Energy subsidies incentivise switching

The upfront costs of installing renewable energy can seem daunting, and understandably so, but there are so many options open to those who wish to make the quantum leap to commercial renewable energy:

  • Renewable Heat Incentives
  • Enhanced Capital Allowances and others
  • The Green Deal to Lease Purchase Agreements

These funding options help mitigate the initial costs and allow you to subtract the cost of the equipment against your taxable profit and give you the infrastructure to help transform your business energy practices.

Improving your reputation

An often-overlooked benefit of switching to green energy practices is the social impact it has on your local community and amongst your stakeholders and customers. An independent study commissioned by Smartest Energy reveals that consumers are increasingly favouring brands with a commitment to environmental sustainability.

The study reveals that 4 out of 5 people describe themselves as likely to choose a brand with a positive approach to environmental sustainability. This clearly demonstrates a development in consumer attitudes towards companies’ approach to the environment; 90% of people agree that it is vital that society becomes more energy-conscious.

Sustainable business practices are valued. Given that every advantage must be leveraged in this competitive landscape, you cannot overlook the impact that going green can have on your brand.
Planning is easier

Renewable energy is not affected by fluctuations in electricity prices making it much easier to forecast expenses and it makes it a lot easier to plan energy usage and needs as you get to grips with the average output of your renewable energy solutions.

You can reliably generate power at a large scale thanks to the combo of solar energy and improved inverter technology, as recently demonstrated by the UK’s largest solar rooftop system, recently unveiled at the Port of Hull.

Green energy for profit

Being an early adopter of green energy technology comes with its advantages with the age of fossil fuels coming to an end.

On top of this, going solar allows gives you the ability to sell excess electricity back to the grid at a premium. This flexibility means that even when you’re not using the full potential of your solar array, you can make a positive impact on the environment, and turn a business expense into a profit.

Exemption from levies

Did you know that businesses which adopt renewable energy practices are exempt from the CCL (Climate Change Levy)? The CCL is a government-imposed tax that’s designed to encourage businesses to adopt energy-efficient practices and reduce carbon emissions.

Find a partner to help you transition

It can be quite a daunting task to do on your own. Finding a partner with the expertise to give you the right advice and provide guidance and support is vital when making the switch to renewable energy.

At Thermatic Energy Services, our team of experts will explore all your options, and find you a renewable energy solution that’s cost-effective and future-proof.

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