Energy procurement and tariff analysis

Energy Procurement & Tariff Analysis

Energy procurement and tariff analysis are one of the first things we address when working with new clients. Due to the nature of the energy market, getting a clear understanding of what you are buying and how that compares to the rest of the market can be a minefield.

We have relationships to support you across all utilities and guide you towards what will suit you and your business the most.

We aim to reduce the confusion and help you fully understand the procurement process, explaining different tariff options, explaining what costs are fixed and what costs are flexible and demonstrating the different levels of service that come with each supplier.

We can also explain the benefits of fixed price vs flexible price contracts, meet your sustainability goals with green energy and support you with bill processing, validation, and management.

Why would I choose a fixed price contract?

Fixed price contracts give you absolute budget certainty through the term of your energy contract. You will be able to forecast your expenditure well in advance and remove any risk around market price rises or volatility.

How we can support you with your fixed cost contract?

• Create an up-to-date dataset for all of your sites, outlining energy usage and your current annual costs
• Accumulate all appropriate data and check for any discrepancies
• Issue tenders to energy suppliers (gas and / or electric), stipulating any particular requirements
• Analyse offers and negotiate with suppliers to ensure best price
• Process acceptance
• If you decide to switch from your current provider, we’ll manage the supplier transfer
• Provide constant support, with full energy management services available

Why should you choose a flexible cost contract?

In a nut-shell, flexible energy purchasing puts you in total control of your energy procurement (whether this is renewables, gas or electricity). You can take full advantage of price fluctuations as you can decide how much energy to buy or sell and when to do it. Flexible energy contracts are very popular for organisations that have large energy usage and want to take control of their energy strategy.

What are the benefits of flexible energy purchasing?

  • Take advantage of fluctuating market prices
  • Spread risk over multiple purchase points, rather than gambling on a single price point (as is the case with fixed price energy contracts)
  • Gain full control of your energy purchasing decisions, while benefiting from the help and ongoing support of our senior energy account managers

How we can support you with your fixed cost contract

  •  Give you direct access to dedicated senior account managers
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports to show trends in the market
  • Reports to show how your purchases compare to previous market prices
  • Online management tools to help your analysis
  • Enable you to buy / sell electricity when the market is favourable
  • Automate purchasing according to pre-defined criteria
  • Spread purchasing decisions = spread risk

We help our customers construct a custom-built risk strategy tailor-made to their organisation’s exact needs.

Energy contracts can be secured on a monthly, quarterly, or more long-term basis – a combination of these options often gives optimum benefit for our clients.

Purchasing decisions can be automated according to pre-determined trigger points – for example, if wholesale costs fall below a certain price point or if pricing falls a certain percentage below calculated market trends.

We are supplier agnostic

We are truly independent and provide complete transparency at all stages of the process. With no allegiance to any suppliers, we will find you the best prices available in the market and let you choose your preferred supplier.

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